Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles

Natural Stone Mosaic tiles have a natural quality to enhance the beauty of any building whether it is a house or a commercial building. Whether you want to reinvigorate the beauty of your old house or enhance the luxurious looks of your commercial property like office, hotel, restaurant, etc. to give it an up market value, natural stone mosaics are the best choice. In short we can say that natural mosaic stone are small beautiful patches with easy hassle-free installation options. One of the best things is that the property owner is saved from the complicated process of selecting the best architectural combinations for their buildings. You just need to install some pre-arranged natural stone mosaic tiles to instantly enhance the beauty of any structure.

Natural stone mosaic tiles offer extreme choices depending upon your requirements, budget and creative inclination.

For Glossy Surfaces
Marble mosaic tiles are an ideal choice for adding a polished, up market looks to surfaces of kitchen counters, vanity tops and kitchen cabinet tops. However, one should bear in mind that marble is a very sensitive to chemicals so it requires being extra careful while cleaning the marble tiles. The best thing is to clean it more frequently so as to avoid those stubborn stains that require strong acids and chemicals to be cleaned off.

For Natural Looks
There are many places that require natural looks to experience a unique familiar ambiance. Some such places include Kitchen, Shower, and Balcony etc. These places can benefit highly from rugged, unpolished looks. As kitchen is a place that requires natural activity and creativity, it is recommendable to use copper slate tiles as wall panels. The rugged, uneven surface of copper slate adds a unique organic touch to the whole design.  Likewise for shower the use of Green Marble Pebble is highly recommended as it will add a natural look of waterfall and give a unique natural experience to the person. 

For Experimental Looks
However if you are an admirer of experimental looks and would go to extremes expementing with the unusual shapes then various geometrical shapes are recommendable for you. Whether it is Hexagonally patterned mosaic tile with the hexagonal shapes arranged in an asymmetrical manner or it is white marble polished hexagon arranged in neat, eye-caressing pattern, they are will effortlessly attract your sight and give a unique delight to your eyes. Best suited for parlors and bedrooms, these wall panels ideally represent your creative temperament. Using such wall panels in the key areas of the wall the portion adjacent to dining table or sofa set will add a unique sophisticated look to the whole architecture. It is always advisable to use dark yet bright colors as a perfect background. Stone materials like dark grey slate panel can perfectly highlight the brightness of such panels.

Some Tips
However, if you are looking for some “extended creativity to add extreme aesthetics to any place, then here are some tips:

1.       Kitchen: Use broken crockery pieces to decorate the walls of your kitchen. It’s an instant appetizer.

2.       Washroom: Use Natural stone as a shower seat and fix some pebbles on the floor of shower area to further enhance the natural effect.

3.       Parlor: Use Marble furniture to further enhance the luxurious appeal of your marble wall panels.
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